Tai Chi Classes Update

Hello All!

I have a couple of updates.

First, there will be no Zoom class this coming Saturday, July 4th.

Second, I have found a park where we can meet In-Person, outside, with lots of room between everyone for those concerned. It is the VFW Park in Royal Oak at the NW corner of Lincoln and Campbell. Parking will be in the Salter Center parking lot which is just across the street. There are a lot of trees for shade and a pavilion if it rains…that is, if no one has rented it while we are there. Make sure you have gone to the bathroom before you come….this sucks, I know. If there are bathrooms, I’m sure they will be locked.

I think I will be holding 2-3 classes at the park, depending on the response from my students. One of these days will be Saturday morning, the other days will be during the week. Some of the Zoom classes will continue, since a few of my students have grown to like them and are spoiled…you know who you are. 😉

I will keep you up-to-date on the decision as to when these park classes will be held.

Until next time,

Thank you,


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