Self- Discipline and Responsibility

From the T’ai Chi Classics, “Followers of T’ai Chi believed that people should discipline themselves to be spiritual, healthy, kind, and intelligent; to be responsible for assisting others to reach the same levels of achievement; to enjoy the truth; to fight fearlessly against immorality and injustice; and to protect the needy and the weak. It was with these goals in mind that the martial art aspect of T’ai Chi came to be developed and emphasized.” Waysun Liao

When I read this, I just felt it had to be shared. We need this today. Before telling others what they need to do, take responsibility for your own actions.  Do not virtue signal, lead by example. Do as I do, not as I say.

World Tai Chi Day!

It is time for the annual World Tai Chi Day! It will be held April 28, 10-12pm at Keller Elementary, 1505 N. Campbell Rd., Royal Oak, MI…just south of 12 Mile Rd.  Hope to see you there!

For all of my students, there will be no class held on that day, since I will be celebrating this day with the rest of the Yang Family Tai Chi world.

Thank you so much,


Tai Chi and Millennials

I just read a great article regarding how Tai Chi is getting more popular with millennials.  It’s an awesome stress reliever and is especially helpful in the tech industry, where these adults find themselves hunched in front of a computer for hours at a time.

Check out the article.

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New Yang Family Essential Form

After an inspiring and educational 5-day Directors and Instructors Seminar near Seattle, I am almost ready to start sharing some of what I’ve learned. It will be done in small bite-sized proportions so the information is easier to digest. Still trying to play catch up in the household.
So, to start off, I would like to share the new Yang Family Essential Form that Grandmaster Yang Jun created. It is beautiful. I especially like how he took “Cloud Hands” from a straight line footwork to a circular crossing footwork. Awesome. Enjoy!


No Tai Chi Classes 1/27/18-2/1/18

There will be no Tai Chi classes Saturday, 1/27/18 through Thursday, 2/1/18. I will be going to the 5-day Yang Tai Chi Instructor’s Seminar in Seattle.  I’m so excited! I am, also, anxious–I have never been away from my family for this long.  I’ve planned accordingly, but I will miss them badly.  Thank you, Mom, for coming over to help for 3 days out of the 5.  I love you!

I will let you all know how it goes.

Thank you!


Master Yang Jun performing whole 103 form

I just found this YouTube video of Master Yang Jun doing the whole 103 Yang form. He is the grandson of Yang Zhenduo. They are both the descendants of Yang Luchan, who is the creator of the Yang Style Tai Chi.

This is the style of Tai Chi Chuan that I teach–true Yang Style Tai Chi Chuan. This is, also, the exact form that I teach to beginning students.  It is beautiful; it is balancing; it is spiritual.

What a great New Year’s Resolution.  Give me a call, shoot me an email, start this fabulous journey today.


The health benefits of Tai Chi

Here is a great article from Harvard Health Publishing through Harvard Medical School.  The only correction I have is they mention different styles of Tai Chi Chuan, with one of them being “Cheng”, which is incorrect, it is “Chen”.  This family style is very dynamic and involves more evident spiraling and explosive movements.

I teach Yang family style which has an even tempo with large and smooth movements. I’ve done Chen, and LOVE it, but I am certified in Yang Style and have practiced this for many years.

Tai Chi Chuan is exceptionally healthy.  It involves your body, mind and spirit.  What more could you ask?