Master Yang Jun

Here is a Wikipedia link to Master Yang Jun.  He is a direct descendent to Yang Cheng Fu and of Yang Lu Chan, the creator of Yang style Tai Chi Chuan. Master Yang Jun is the 5th lineage holder of the Yang style and is currently the President of the International Yang Style Tai Chi Chuan Association in Seattle, WA.

This Yang Family Tai Chi Chuan is the style that I practice and teach…genuine tai chi chuan. I am, also, a certified Yang Family Tai Chi Chuan instructor.

Anybody can practice Tai Chi Chuan…from one who has never exercised, to the senior citizen, to the practiced martial artist who wants to improve their technique flow, balance, grounding, and centering.  It is, also, great for the person who just wants a moving meditation.

Come join me at 28919 Evergreen, Southfield, MI 48076


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